Senior Housing Directory

Welcome to the Senior Housing Directory!

This directory offers a listing of the communities and facilities that cater to the growing demand for quality, affordable Senior Care in Mexico. Whether you are looking for Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care communities, we will strive to provide the most current information possible. While we do not recommend or promote any of these communities, we believe this information will be an invaluable resource for those who need assistance. Most of these facilities range in size from 5-6 rooms to the some larger facilities in major cities with 50 or more. Many of these homes are retrofitted homes but there are more modern facilities being built as the demand for quality services increases.

Meals, laundry service, 24/7 staff, and activities are common among most homes but each are unique and we strongly advise you contact them and visit before you make a decision. Most have 24/7 nurses available and many offer routine doctor visits as part of their monthly price.

As opposed to the US and other countries, the definitions of Independent, Assisted Living, etc., are not always clear. In many cases, Assisted Living can refer to those needing only help with medications to those who are more constant assistance. In addition, some places have a mix of residents with different needs and conditions. In most cases, Independent Living homes do not offer any medical services, and residents have to relocate if assistance becomes necessary.

Please be advised that this list is a work in progress and we will be making changes over time to the list and its content. We strongly urge potential customers or family members to visit the websites, talk to the owners/managers and visit a facility before making any decisions. If you need further information and/or have general questions about the area etc., you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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