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The majority of retirees agree that access to affordable and quality health care services is a major factor in their final decision on where to retire. Today’s retirees are healthier and live longer than previous generations, largely due to advances in medicine and healthcare services. Mexico’s reputation as a provider of quality affordable medical care has grown over the decades and the country is now home to some of the best medical schools in Latin America. Most doctors speak English and some hospitals have English-speaking staff to cater to the growing demand among retirees for medical and health care services.

In this section we will offer you a listing of some of the healthcare providers in Mexico that cater to the growing foreign community and the increasing demand for medical tourism. While these are not recommendations, we hope the list will give you a better idea of the many options should you need care.

Knowing what medical services are available may help you decide if Mexico is for you. Over the next few months we plan to add listings for other regions of Mexico and offer you a way to help others by adding comments about services you have received.

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